Bay City, MI Senior Photographer

Its always funny when you can break out in the middle of a photo session and say ‘you know I used to know you when you were this tall,’ all the while holding your hand out about 3 feet off the ground. Thats exactly how it went yesterday while I was photographing John’s senior pictures yesterday. I have known the family for many years (I graduated high school with his brother and spent many nights asleep on their couch.) When I was called on by John’s mother to shoot his senior year photos I of course jumped at the opportunity.

We began our session at the Bay City State park. The weather was overcast but that didn’t stop us from getting some unique shots down by the beach and around the various wooden walkways. We then finished in downtown Bay City, shooting some more ‘gritty’ type shots in various alleyways. It really turned out great. Enjoy the preview!


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